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Hello and welcome to Anson jewellery where we design and create the worlds most beautiful artistic treasures incorporating gold and platinum and a wide variety of fancy coloured diamonds and gemstones.

Our specialised services are:-
Designing jewellery by artistically sketching the piece to real size and rendering it meticulously hand crafting and finishing each piece, the true balance and flowing lines can only be achieved by the human eye, attention to the finer detail is what sets an Anson piece apart from any other.

Stone setting, this is a stage in the process of the creation that brings the work of art and natures own design together to be enjoyed by us all.

Cleaning and checking jewellery, this is a very important part of your relationship with a piece of jewellery, firstly to keep it clean and during the cleaning process we need to check that everything is still secure and safe. It is important that you have your jewellery checked if it gets knocked or you have a concern, better to check it than to loose a precious stone.

Anson Jewellers also offer jewellery valuations, alterations, repairs and restoration.


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